Bay area baseball, Parc 55 Wyndham living, food, and photos rounded out a great three days in the Bay.

I did not shoot much on this trip to the bay but managed to squeeze a few photos in. This is an amazing sculpture at Treasure Island. The sculpture, of a dancing woman, stands 40 feet tall, weighs 7000 pounds and is ingeniously constructed of triangulated geodesic struts. By day, the dancer’s ‘skin’, made of stainless steel mesh, shimmers in the sun. By night, it alights brilliantly with a complex array of 1000 slowly changing l.e.d. colored lights. Viewers may interact with and manipulate the lighting effects with an iphone application. The dancer’s delicate, graceful form precariously balances on one foot, adding to the astonishing impression of imminent movement and lifelike presence.