Thanks for visiting.I hope you enjoy your Hildagard frame.

The Hildagard complete frame and hardware kit is 127.00usd plus shipping. Each additional 6mm arm is 12.00usd. If you want to order now please give an exact description of what you are wanting to order and how many you are wanting in during Paypal checkout along with your shipping address, country, and phone number (DHL requires a phone for delivery purposes). If I do not provide all this information I will refund your payment. YOU CAN PAY HERE USING PAYPAL.  PRICES ARE IN USD.

Shipping dhl express is usually between 19-22USD depending on country

If you have any questions about my Hildagard 395 10" custom frame or about any of my photography prints feel free to contact me.

Thank you - Charles Hidalgo 


  • 10 inch propellers
  • Pure X - Long range
  • 3mm top and bottom plate
  • 6mm Arms
  • Mini cam size mounting system supporting angles from 20-70 degrees 
  • Fully adjustable FPV and GoPro mount
  • 395mm motor to motor
  • Standard PDB / FC Mounting
  • Supports up to 4000-5000mah Mah 6s Lipo's
  • Frame weight approx 240g 


I must say a big "thank you" to all who continue to show interest in the Hildagard frame, those who have purchased a frame, those who are possibly considering a purchase, or even those who just have had questions or comments. I'm also happy to see all the new people who are ordering and receiving them daily worldwide. I'm proud to have given it a variation of my last name when it was being conceived. I named it after my youngest daughter who faces a lot of battles growing up with special needs daily and is a strong fighter! I just thought I'd share a little personal information on how it became what it is today. When I reached out to Stefan van der Ende to help me bring my vision to a reality I never imagined it to be more than a personal goal of mine to have a Long range/ Acro platform of my own. Now that it has went worldwide in interest and sales I hope all who own one or may own one in the future are as happy when flying it as I am. This truly is an amazing and one of a kind 10" frame.

Here's the definition and how I blended it with her last name: The female name Hildegard derived from the Old High German words hild (=war or battle) and gard (=protection) and means "battle guard".

Hidalgo = Hildagard 😀


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Hildagard 395 10" frame
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Hildagard 395 10" Frame