Here it is. A simple video of the 14" Hildabeast’s maiden in my front yard.

Almost got it good enough to put an ND filter on it... Im trying to get it clean as I can without one.

The Hildagard testing and tuning without any ND Filter is getting smoother with Latest BF 3.4 RC2

Quick romp with the xhover stingy

Massive storm coming in tomorrow but not a care today with this quick flight .... Said a quick hello to one of the local hawks who nest at the top of the mountain as well. With all the Hildagard frames that have sold and are arriving and being built I thought I should fly the original frame today.
Brief clip with the Hildagard395 at the house. BTW if you don't have a GoPro keychain you need one... it allows for instant uploads to your phone for instant edits and uploads from the field.
27 degrees this morning... The Hildagard 395 10" video is getting smoother... Different props and a different GoPro mount (that also got the props out of the video) has really helped. I'll have ND filters tomorrow to help get the video smoothed out totally I hope.

"No rest for the wicked" Getting ready for another day loading up the caterpillars on the lowbed.

Part two with a quick iPhone in the field on location edit.

Another day at the office.... on location edit. Editing with just an iPhone in the field.

Record rainfall this season has been amazing. I have not seen the #kaweahriver just outside of #woodlake #california Flowing like this in quite sometime. #tularecounty #water #drought #fpv #cinematography #centralvalley #dji #phantom4pro #sony sensor #spring is here. #abc30insider #fpvlife #wildlife #nature

Lately I only have to drive a mile from the house for wild flowers and green foothills. Spring is definatly here. Here's a quick clip.

This is how a properly built and tuned multirotor should handle when all dialed in. Gimbal tuned, IMU and GPS cm offsets correct, gains correct, load balanced. This is off to start filming a documentary that will be airing in mid 2018

Some local fireworks in Orange Cove, California.

Memorial day….. A little footage I shot this morning locally as my reminder of the sacrifice that was made for me to live free.

This is some brief footage from a project I have been wanting to put together for a while about California and it's central valley. From the crops to the farmers to the field workers. The ever changing issues both man made and nature related including property rights water rights ,and basic human rights.

A brief flight around Moon Hill near my house.

Some final testing on the S900 fully loaded. This was a 13 minute test flight cut down to about  minute testing all functions and performance.

s900 totally locked in!

This was around 13 minutes cut down to a quick minute or so and was the maiden flight on an s900 build with an Arris Zhaoyun Pro 32 bit gimbal with a Sony a6000. I tested all functions like IOC RTH GPS ATTi Manual and landing gear up/down etc.

My godson Danny’s first flight.


Happy birthday Cassandra! My daughter gets a surprise when the crowd sings happy birthday to her.

Happy 18th birthday Cassandra! My daughter gets a surprise when the crowd sings happy birthday to her.