With record rainfall this season water is flowing in places it has not flowed this strong in quite some time.

Spring is here and everything is so green right now. 

This is how a properly built and tuned multirotor should handle when all dialed in. Gimbal tuned, IMU and GPS cm offsets correct, gains correct, load balanced. This is off to start filming a documentary that will be airing in mid 2017. 

I got a brief chance to shoot some local fireworks in the nearby city of Orange Cove, CA. Here's a portion of the footage.

This is a brief look at some documentary footage about California and it's central valley. From the crops to the farmers to the field workers. The ever changing issues both manmade and nature related including property rights, water rights ,and basic human rights.

Some final testing on the S900 fully loaded. This was a 13 minute test flight cut down to about  minute testing all functions and performance.


Some video of two phantoms in the air at the same time.

Took my godson out for some fying for his first time.


Happy birthday Cassandra! My daughter gets a surprise when the crowd sings happy birthday to her.