Hildagard being used by storm chasers for data collection.

Thanks for visiting.I hope you enjoy your Hildagard, Hildabeast, or Hildahex frame.

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You can visit here to purchase the Hildabeast frame. https://shop.almondracing.com/collections/12-inch-and-larger/products/the-hildabeast

You can purchase the Hildahex frame here. https://shop.almondracing.com/products/hildahex529

If you have any questions about my Hildagard 395 10" custom frame, Hildabeast 14” custom frame, the 10” Hildahex, or about any of my photography prints feel free to contact me.

Thank you - Charles Hidalgo


I must say a big "thank you" to all who continue to show interest in the Hildagard frame, those who have purchased a frame, those who are possibly considering a purchase, or even those who just have had questions or comments. I'm also happy to see all the new people who are ordering and receiving them daily worldwide. I'm proud to have given it a variation of my last name when it was being conceived. I named it after my youngest daughter who faces a lot of battles growing up with special needs daily and is a strong fighter! I just thought I'd share a little personal information on how it became what it is today. When I reached out to Stefan van der Ende to help me bring my vision to a reality I never imagined it to be more than a personal goal of mine to have a Long range/ Acro platform of my own. Now that it has went worldwide in interest and sales I hope all who own one or may own one in the future are as happy when flying it as I am. This truly is an amazing and one of a kind 10" frame.

Here's the definition and how I blended it with her last name: The female name Hildegard derived from the Old High German words hild (=war or battle) and gard (=protection) and means "battle guard".

Hidalgo = Hildagard 😀

Here’s but one of my Hildagard prototype sample build lists:

Hildagard 395

Hobby Wing XROTOR Flight Control System F4 

Hobbywing Xrotor Micro 40A 4-in-1 BLHeli-S DShot600 ESC

4 x BrotherHobby Tornado T5 3115 900KV 5-6S Brushless motors

2 x MR Series - 10x4.5 Prop Set x2 Black$11.38

RunCam Swift Mini Camera - Orange 2.1mm Lens 


Lumenier AXII 5.8GHz Antenna


Hildagard 395mm 10”

Hildagard 395 10" Frame
Hildagard 395 10" frame
Hildagard 395 10" frame.jpg


After all of the positive feedback with the 10" Hildagard since its introduction in March of this year people have expressed interest for something similar and even bigger so I'd like to introduce the Hildabeast. Stefan van der Endeand myself went back to the drawing board and this was the result after hours of computer design (thank you Stefan) cutting and revising frame parts, getting it built, and finally in the air. Until you hold this, see it in person, hear it do a 100+ mph overhead speed run, or have it hanging in the air during a slow flip it's hard to describe what it can do and how well it does it for a frame of this size. The 570mm Hildabeast frame swinging 14" props is definitely a different creature. I'm proud to announce that as of now the Hildabeast is for sale and the first batch of pre orders is almost sold out already but there's still time to get in.

My personal example for the prototype and it's parts List:
Frame Stand-in quad design Hildabeast
Flight Controller Matek F405-CTR Flight Controller 
ESCs 4 x Lumenier 51A BLHeli_32 32bit 2-6S w/ Telemetry 
Motors 4 x BrotherHobby Tornado 4215 T7 680KV Long Shaft 6-8S Brushless Motors 
Propellers 4 x E-PROP 14 X 8 Bore 8mm with 6mm adapters 
FPV Camera Foxeer Predator V2 Mini Camera 1000TVL Super WDR FPV OSD 1.8mm NTSC 
FPV Transmitter TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 HV
Antenna TrueRC AXII SMA 5.8 Long 
Receiver TBS Crossfire Micro Receiver V2 
Ready to Sky GPS 
Battery ThunderPower 3300mAh 6S 22.2V Elite 55C LiPo Battery

Hildabeast 570mm 14”


Another world first here:

After some long discussions with Stefan over several months and many back and forth revisions, I am proud to introduce the "HildaHex". it’s the third in my “Hilda” line which includes the Hildabeast and Hildagard as well. I want to thank Stefan, and Jubal for the much appreciated help and great ideas which have became the final product you see here. Testing on my part has already began and there will be much more but I must say my first impressions after a conservative maiden today are that this is a very nice flying hexacopter. It is much more conservative on battery usage than I expected and had a 5 1/2 minute maiden on a 3300mah 6s lipo (which is a very used pack not new) and landed with an average cell reading of 3.69v. A price is TBD so please do not ask yet but we will have one very soon.

Component list for this prototype is as follows.
Matek 722 std flight controller
APD PDB500 (with two taps doubled up on for the hex configuration APD confirms no problem). After talks with APD a dedicated hex PDB has been in the works and is almost complete but a release date has been set.
DYS Aria 70a esc's
Brother Hobby 3115-1050kv motors
TBS unify pro vtx
TBS micro V2 rx
Foxeer fpv cam
Graupner 9x5 props (will also accommodate 10" props.)
AXII long antenna
Prints from Willy at 3dmatisse.com

Hildahex 528mm 10” Hexacopter

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